Lozt & Fownd - The Album

The Lozt & Fownd Album, Released February 16, 2018.  This album consists of previously written, recorded, mixed, and mastered tracks from 2000 - 2013.  Raw mixture of emceeing with metaphors, similes and punchlines, boom-bap, rnb-hip-hop, baggy jeans and creativity.

 Executive Producer: Ja'Mane/HMI

Producer: Ja'Mane/HMI

Contributing Producers: The Architech, Meech of Beats, Da Scrooge, and R.F.I.R.

Contributing Artists: KWhy, Meech, The Architech, Da Scrooge, J-Stylez, and Oz "The Silent Hustla" 

Cover Design/Artwork: Fawn N. Howard, Light In Darkness Enterprises, LLC

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